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Although most 8-track cartridges were used to play copyrighted music, there were some 8-track cartridge and reel-to-reel recorders that allowed people to record their own personal recordings. If you happen to have personal recordings or items on 8-track tapes that are not copyrighted or that you own the copyright to, we can help you digitize those recordings! 

8-Track Cartridge

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Would you like any 8-tracks enhanced? How many?
  • We can often improve the overall quality of your audio by removing unwanted noise, pops, clicks, clips, "tape hiss", "AC hum", "wow and flutter" and other unwanted noise. In some cases we can also make it easier to hear someone speaking or singing if the audio is difficult to hear. We call this an enhancement.

    If you have 8-tracks that need to have the audio cleaned up or any of those sound problems above fixed, then click the yellow/gold circle that says enhanced and select the quantity of 8-tracks you need enhanced and then click add to cart. For all other 8-tracks you don't need the audio fixed or cleaned up, click the blue circle that says unenhanced and then select the quantity and then click add to cart.

    If you have more questions about unenhanced vs enhanced, click here to see our FAQ page.