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We can digitize your negatives so you don't have to! Negatives should be loose either in protective plastic or small bags or negative folders or envelopes. Price is per image in a negative strip. If your negative strip has 4 images that you would like digitized then you would select quantity 4 and add click add to cart. If negative images have spots or issues with color degradation, we can color correct and remove dust or unwanted spots, if you choose to have the negative image enhanced. 


SKU: 3031
$0.65 Regular Price
$0.45Sale Price
Would you like any negatives enhanced? How many?
  • We can often improve the overall quality of your negatives when we digitize them, by cleaning up images and removing any spots on the image, dust, rips or tears and by color correcting and improving the  image resolution. We call this an enhancement.

    If you have negatives that need to have any of these problems above fixed, then click the yellow/gold circle that says enhanced and select the quantity of negatives you need enhanced and then click add to cart. For all other negatives you don't need fixed or cleaned up, click the blue circle that says unenhanced and then select the quantity and then click add to cart.

    If you have more questions about unenhanced vs enhanced, click here to see our FAQ page.